COHOES, N.Y. (NEWS10) – You may remember a couple of days ago President Donald Trump said upstate New York is failing. Well, one Capital Region city is proving him wrong, a city right in this area is growing faster than ever.

New luxury apartments, fresh store fronts, a music hall and of course the waterfall, the city of Cohoes is open for business.

“With more local businesses coming in, it’s like a domino effect.”

“It’s a very caring community and it’s growing really fast.”

“I did not know that. Population wise, it is growing.”

People living in Cohoes and business owners say they see it.

A study by the Center for Economic Growth says the city saw a more than two percent population growth in 2016. It’s the fastest growing city in New York.

“We are surrounded by a host of opportunity.”

Mayor Shawn Morse says it’s something he’s been working hard at since taking office.

“The store fronts are getting filled and apartments are being built.”

Business owners on Remsen Street agree.

Zachary Ramsey is a co-owner at the Outpost Barber Company and says he grew up in town.

“We were born and raised in the town and we wanted to open this up in our backyard.”

He says anyone should consider moving to Cohoes.

“It’s historic and there’s a lot of history in the town. There are lots of good people and it’s very family oriented.”

Just down the street, Kayla Renfroe opened a bakery just a few months ago and says business is already booming.

“I know of a few different things that are going to be coming in new on the street and it’s really exciting.”

On the other end of Remsen is Dennis Holzman’s antique store. He says so far so good but the area needs more.

“We need coffee shops, bakeries, and specialty stores.”

And others agree.

“We need a good large grocery store up in the north end of Cohoes.”

Holzman says it will happen soon enough.

“Somewhere along the line, there’s going to be a tilting point where people are going to seek out the main drag here.”

Mayor Morse, who also grew up in Cohoes, says the progress continues and is asking people to be patient and continue to invest in the community.

“So I’m excited to know that I’ve seen some of the best and I’ve seen some of the west and now we’re moving up.”

The mayor says he wants to keep the city growing by adding more restaurants, business, and even apartments in the area in the coming years.