(NEWS10) — A new study commissioned by Vivint Solar found that three out of four couples have argued over the ideal temperature in the home when it comes to setting the thermostat.

Some key highlights of the study found:

  • The ideal temperature to set the mood for romantic bliss is 70 degrees. The overwhelming majority of participants cited this as the perfect temperature.
  • When it comes to comfort, most people put their own first, but men were more likely to care about their partner’s comfort than women. 
  • Love is a battlefield: 64% of study participants said they’ve attempted to change the temperature behind their partner’s back, and 60% said they get angry when someone else adjusts the thermostat.
Vivint Solar

A point made during the study stressed the importance of compromising when it comes to finding the ideal temperature. If one person prefers it colder around 68 degrees and the other likes it a bit warmer around 72 degrees, a compromise could be reached at say 70 degrees which is reportedly the ideal temperature in most homes.

To see the full study, click here.