CHARLTON, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Hundreds of snowmobilers are expected to hit the trails this weekend, but with warming temperatures, ice conditions could vary especially on lakes.

“The freezing and thawing of the ice, this can be a dangerous time out there,” explained Bill Cook, who is a member of the New York State Snowmobile Association.

While the New York State Snowmobile Association does not have trails on bodies of water, snowmobilers still go out on the frozen lakes.

“Don’t assume that the Sacandaga Reservoir is safe for you. It’s not.”

Cook advises riders to stay away from open water and edges of the lake where the ice is thinner.

“If you’re going to ride Sacandaga, ride at a speed where you can stop quickly.”

He adds that its best to wear protective gear such as helmets and warm clothing when out on the trails.

“Ride careful. Know your limitations and be responsible. Recognize that others are out here with you.”