BROADALBIN, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The New York Assembly Tourism Task Force on Tourism made a stop in Fulton County while touring some of State’s hottest tourist destinations. NEWS10 met up with the new committee to check in on their progress.

The Task Force on Tourism is led by Republican Assemblymember, Scott gray who said that New York tourism is vital to the economy, all year long.

“With weather like this, we’re hoping for a great shoulder season. And we are actually like, this year, we’re trying to build out. So, it’s not necessarily just the shoulder season. Something to function more year-round,” said Gray.

The committee highlighted a few areas that need some work to improve tourism. Members said they’ll bring the concerns of area businesses to the state level. Those concerns include everything from cell phone connectivity and broadband coverage to infrastructure and access to local public beaches. Things that The Historic Broadalbin Hotel owners David and Zoe Thompson can agree with. 

“We have a large influx of summer guests that come in. And they want access to the lake. So, we have to direct them north,” said David.

They tell NEWS10 Reporter James De La Fuente that they hope the committee will figure out a way to help keep tourists in the area.

“For us, of course that’s wonderful. Because you don’t want to feel like you’re doing this on your own. You want to feel like there’s a group behind you,” said Zoe.

Fulton County Director of Tourism and Planning, Scott Henze, says weather plays a big part in the area’s tourism.

“Every weekend, the lake was pretty much packed. Even if there was slightly off weather. It was definitely a successful season,” said Henze.

As the summer season winds down across the Capital Region, the weather remains favorable. Saratoga County Sheriff, Mike Zurlo, says boating safety remains a top priority until the end of October. “It’s been a busy summer on both lakes, Sacandaga and Saratoga. And, uneventful at this point. But we want to continue to keep it that way and everybody close out the summer season in a safe way,” said the Sheriff.

The Task Force has five more planned stops throughout New York. They will submit their findings at the next legislation session.