ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10)—- As the migrant situation continues, frustrations grow at the local level with DocGo, a company hired to care for and transport asylum seekers to upstate communities. The state is now weighing in on those frustrations.

“DocGo has been hiding behind HIPPA, and not sharing information with us, but at the same time as you’ve heard from the county executive, we’re learning that the health care needs of the asylum-seekers who are coming here are not being met,” said Albany Mayor, Kathy Sheehan at a press conference earlier this week.

On Thursday political reporter, Jamie DeLine, asked Governor Kathy Hochul to share her thoughts about DocGo. The governor said a review is taking place to make sure all contractual obligations are being met, and added she does have some concerns.

“Are they providing proper security? When people arrive are they getting food and clothing and shelter immediately? Let’s look at it two ways— one, has there been a large number of people where there have been no incidents? What were hearing is there is a lot of it going right. But also there’s cases where incidents have risen have been reported on that are deeply concerning to me as the governor of the state,” said Hochul.

While we couldn’t get an interview, in a statement, DocGo said it’s investigation into these matters is ongoing and that “Protecting their safety and privacy is even more important, given many guests status as asylum-seekers from presecution and serious human rights violations in their home country.”

According to the New York City Comptroller’s Office, the maximum value of the DocGo contract is $432 million dollars.