ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10)–A state disaster emergency and one billion dollars in the state budget are just some key points in a 12 page letter from the governor’s new attorney, listing ways the state is helping New York City handle the migrant crisis.

The state also reiterated that it’s New York City’s responsibility to provide shelter because of a decades old consent decree dating back to 1981.

“The state is not a party to that, so the right to shelter does not extend to the whole of the state,” Governor Kathy Hochul said last Thursday.

The state’s letter points the finger at the city for not prioritizing $10 million dollars in state funding to obtain work authorization, stating, “Had the city done so, it is likely that thousands more migrants would be able to work today.”

The state also pointed to a list of sites that could provide temporary shelter to more than 3,000 migrants.

In a statement, the Fabien Levy, Deputy Mayor for Communications said the city appreciates space on the parking lot of the Creedmoor Psychiatric Facility that opened Tuesday and for promised funding.

He added, “But because this is such a significant crisis, we need more, including more space around the state and a statewide order that bars localities from passing ordinances that prevent asylum seekers from being relocated to other parts of New York State.”

The legal aid society shared similar sentiments on Tuesday.

“If the governor can take a stronger role in overriding the local executive orders for counties to have to accept migrants, it would really help create saver spaces for the clients coming into the system,” said Kathryn Kliff, a staff attorney at Legal Aid Society.

The state is also calling on the city to provide advance notice before transferring migrants to other communities. A spokesperson for the governor said Hochul is grateful to Mayor Adams’ team and that she will continue to work closely with them.