CAPITAL REGION, N.Y. (NEWS10) –Stage One Dispensary started business with their first day operating delivery only on June 7. Owner and Operator, Joshua Mirsky, says their first customer was out of Rensselaer. “It was just really nice to bring this product to this community and be able to do it legally and give access to lab tested, legal cannabis products,” described Mirsky.

While the dispensary is under construction, Mirsky and his team are able to operate from an undisclosed location. The model allows the store to finally make a profit and get a rhythm going. “This gives us an opportunity to kind of start slow and introduce ourselves to the community. Go out and meet people and get our product and name out before the store officially opens,” explained Mirsky.

Stage One is starting with one delivery car to service the area. Budding delivery driver, Kaitlyn Naylor, says working under New York’s legal cannabis market feels like being a part of history. “I think this was written in the stars. I was born on 4/20 and everybody that I reached out to and said, ‘Hey, we’re opening this. I’m going to be delivering.’ They said, ‘I knew you’d be doing this,'” stated Naylor.

Cameron Rivers says delivering is safer for both customers and his fellow drivers compared to the legacy market. “For a lack of a better term, more civilized. You don’t have to feel in danger. You kind of feel more connected with people through this thing that before was under wraps or taboo,” said Rivers.

Once the Rensselaer store opens in July, both drivers will also be budtenders. When customers come in, they will be answering questions and concerns about their products. “We want to be about consumer knowledge. And again, getting rid of the stigmas and the taboos that are associated with cannabis,” explained Rivers.