Owners of Stage One Dispensary, Josh Mirsky and Nate Innes, are longtime friends who have experienced the legality issues of cannabis in the past. Under new legislation, Mirsky saw a positive future for him and his business partners. “When they offered up licenses to people who have had past convictions in cannabis, it made sense for my partners and I to apply for it,” stated Mirsky.

Mirsky and Innes plans to use their business as not just a means to profit, but to inform those who are interested. “We plan to be really heavy into education. We definitely want people to come in and ask questions,” described Mirsky. “Without fear, because historically there is a lot of fear with the use of cannabis,” explained Innes.

The dispensary will be in the former Rensselaer County Bank. A location Mirsky plans to use to its fullest. “We’re going to have about 1,250 square foot of floor space. 810 Broadway, right off of Exit 7 on 90 and Rensselaer train station exit,” said Mirsky.

The business partners do not plan to stop with just one store. They hope to eventually take full advantage of their license. “With our license we’re allowed to have three stores. So we definitely plan to expand out footprint around the region,” described Mirsky

Innes hopes to one day further expand the business outside of the state. “What we’re looking forward to is the federal prohibition being lifted, and we can operate essentially just as a normal business would operate,” stated Innes.

Stage One Dispensary plans to roll out deliveries in May. In June, their storefront will open.