GLENS FALLS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – It’s got intrigue, espionage, romance, and a guy who may or may not be in need of some help.

The movie is “Spy Intervention,” and it was entirely filmed in Glens Falls and Lake George. And next week it drops in select theaters, as well as digitally.

“It’s small town America,” said director Drew Mylrea in a phone interview Thursday. “It’s the perfect place to fall in love and hang up your spy suit.”

And that’s just what happens. The film is set around a spy, played by Drew Van Acker, who settles down and closes the book on his life as a secret agent after meeting the woman of his dreams. When old fellow spies come to intervene in his new life, things take a turn as he gets roped into one last job.

As seen in the trailer, locations like the Adirondack Outlet Mall and Cool Insuring Arena feature prominently in the film. Mylrea said the variety of worthwhile locations were surprising, and a powerful draw.

“It’s this small town, but they have these big resources, good tourist destinations.”

Other locations include The Inn at Erlowest in Lake George, where some spy espionage scenes were filmed; the Lake George Forum, which served as the crew’s sound stage; and an alleyway in downtown Glens Falls, off Ridge Street.

“I had people asking me if it was a set we built,” Mylrea said. “But we didn’t.”

Although Mylrea, an LA native, did briefly live in New York, it was an outside source that brought him to Warren County to shoot “Spy Intervention.”

Andrew Meader, of the recently created Adirondack Film Commission, reached out to the director through a line producer they were both in contact with.

The job of the Adirondack Film Commission is to encourage more filmmaking in the area.

Mylrea’s other credits include work on short films, but this is his first feature film. The crew was in the area for a month, filming for 20 days.

They also spent two days ahead of the schooting schedule building models and props at an auto body shop in South Glens Falls.

Mylrea, who lives in L.A., is returning to New York to shoot his next film; this time, the destination is Syracuse.

“Spy Intervention” comes out on Valentine’s Day. It won’t be showing in any theaters in New York, but will be out digitally on Apple TV, Amazon, Comcast, DirecTV, VUDU and Redbox, and others.