SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Sportime is making strides to get back into action after a fire destroyed part of the complex. News10 takes you on a tour to show you just how the renovation is shaping up and to take a look at what is next.

Nearly a month after a fire shut down Sportime more and more services are coming back online May, 8. Two fan favorites are now back to operating regularly scheduled business hours.

“Things are coming back and available to our members in our community and we’re making pretty quick progress, all things considered. Today, our bubble, our two tennis courts and four pickleball courts are officially open and available for play. And, our Fitness Center and gym are back open,” said Sportime General Manager, Sarah Sharpe.

“So, now we just toured the bubble, and you showed me the fitness center is open, what’s next?” asked NEWS10 reporter James De La Fuente.

“Our daycare can officially reopen, tomorrow. So, we’re so excited to welcome back all the cute kids,” said Sharpe.

The tour continued showcasing the next phase of the project.

“A huge part of our operation, our indoor tennis courts, that’s what this space is,” explained Sharpe. “And the next phase we’re going to be getting new ceilings, new walls, brand new court surfaces and it’ll be like a brand-new facility.”

“Come on in I’ll show you the final phase of the project,” said Sharpe as she welcomed NEWS10 inside the construction project.

“This is where our lobby was and our locker room space and our daycare. Right now, everything’s kind of been gutted and we’re just going to build from scratch. And, we’re going to reimagine this and have a really inviting awesome flow,” said Sharpe.

Sharpe says estimates for the repair job are continually evolving and says the cost is expected to exceed $2.5 million. Sharpe hopes to have all construction finished by the fall of 2023.