NORTH GREENBUSH, N.Y. (NEWS10) — You always hear about how big companies don’t care about the little guy. Well, sometimes, they really do.

Every kid has a favorite toy or stuffed animal. For Liam McCabe, his prized possession was actually a prize.

“So, we went to the Great Escape a couple years ago, and we played a couple games, and he won ‘Rodney,'” his mother, Allison, explained.

Liam and his stuffed sloth, Rodney, were inseparable — best friends forever — that is until his dog Luna got a little looney.

“So Rodney, unfortunately, got into a little tangle with our dog, Luna,” Allison said. “He was completely destroyed.”

Liam took the loss really hard because he named Rodney after his real friend, a nice older gentleman who works at the nearby church.

“As a mom, my heart broke for him, and I wanted to do everything I could.”

So Allison turned to Facebook in the hopes that somebody could help.

“Six Flags found a Facebook post about a little boy who was sad because his new puppy had eaten his favorite stuffed animal,” Cathy Fuller with Six Flags said.

Cathy made Liam her number one priority and began searching everywhere.

“But I couldn’t find it, but I found something that’s very similar to it and this is what I sent him,” she said.

“He was shocked,” Allison said. “I didn’t tell him that it was coming, so it was a surprise for him.”

Liam’s new friend came with a letter from Cathy that said she heard what happened and they wanted him to have Rodney’s cousin, who is named Sammy. But Liam had another name in mind.

“He’s Rodney 2.0, right Liam?” Allison said.

In the middle of a pandemic, with so much stress and uncertainty happening, one woman dropped everything just to make a sad child happy.

“I have a grandson who is close to the little boy’s age, and it just made me feel good to send him something that would make him smile again,” Cathy said.

The family is on Cloud Nine over Cathy’s act of kindness.

“They were very adamant that they did not want anything in return for it,” Allison said. “They just wanted to make a little boy happy.”

Mission accomplished.