WARREN COUNTY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – After complaints and concerns from around the area, Warren County took a vote last Friday that changes what you’ll be able to buy next 4th of July. A law allowing certain types of fireworks to be sold in the county is getting repealed.

The Warren County Board of Supervisors is rescinding Local Law 3 of 2015 and Local Law 3 of 2016, a collective law allowing “sparkling device” firework types to be sold at fireworks tents and wherever else they’re sold. The law allowed sparkling fireworks to be sold during two periods of the year, and allowed them to be used year-round.

The decision came after Warren County heard complaints and concerns from residents worried about the effects of the fireworks on military veterans, people experiencing PTSD, and pets sensitive to loud noise. From there, the county gathered feedback over the course of 2021, and over 80 percent of their surveys included comments in favor of rolling the law back.

“This is an example of the Warren County Board of Supervisors recognizing that allowing the sale and use of fireworks was not what the majority of our county residents wanted,” said Rachel Seeber, Chairwoman of the Warren County Board of Supervisors. “We know that this change to the law will not end complaints about the use of illegal fireworks, but repealing this law will make it easier for law enforcement to enforce New York State laws related to illegal fireworks as well.”

The repeal law says that the sparkling fireworks being used in Warren County are more powerful and potentially dangerous than the county envisioned when they were allowed. Once the repeal is in effect, anyone who uses an exploding or sparkling firework can be fined up to $500. Anyone who unlawfully sells those fireworks will be found guilty of a misdemeanor, punishable with a $1,000 fine and 15 days of jail time.

The repeal becomes official in the coming weeks, once a new law is filed with the New York Secretary of State. Public hearings were held on the law on Dec. 15 and 17.