SARATOGA, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The Saratoga Springs Professional Fire Fighter Association sending out a press release Tuesday afternoon. The press release is a request for the removal of the Spa City fire chief with a vote of no confidence.

The release states the union wants Chief Joseph Dolan fired, and the list the following reasons for their decision:

  • In 2019, a contract with the Town of Greenfield to supply them with Ems services found the contractual agreement would expose residents to unacceptable risk.
  • In 2021, the chief chose to operate the fire truck with one less person than OSHA recommends for safety.
  • Then in 2022, during the officer involved shooting, the union says the chief’s casual actions and concern for the wellbeing of those in his charge only boosted the lack in confidence in the chief’s leadership.

The release goes on to say that an ongoing of operational measures have impacted patient care needs, and that inter-facility transfer policies conflicted with city-wide response times during peak season in the Spa City.  

The union has reached out to the Public Safety Commissioner, Jim Montagnino, who says he is not the one to make that call.

“It doesn’t have any legal weight in terms of there’s no mandatory result,” said Montagnino. “This is the Union’s own process this is not part of the city, it’s not part of our collective bargaining agreement with the city, nor is it in the city’s charter.”

Montagnino says the city has been aware of the issues with Chief Dolan and says the city will be taking action.

“The chief has been on paid administrative leave since late January pending an investigation, which our attorney indicates he is close to the point in which formal charges will be drafted,” said Montagnino.

The Assistant Fire Chief has stepped up and the Fire Fighter Union President said he is making a difference.

“During the period that Assistant Chief [Aaron] Dyer has been interim command there has been a change in culture and morale throughout the Saratoga Springs fire department,” wrote Joe Brimhall.

NEWS10 has reached out to Fire Chief Dolan for his take on the matter but has not yet heard back.