SOUTH GLENS FALLS, N.Y. (NEWS10) — During February, students and staff at South Glens Falls High School took on the 22-a-day push-up challenge to raise awareness for the mental health of those who defend our country. According to the school principal, Peter Mody, 103 students, and adults completed the challenge with most going above the minimum number required.

Mody says the school crushed last year’s challenge record of 24,641 push-ups, with participants recording 40,337 this year, despite only having 15 days of school in February. Last year’s champion, sophomore Logan Kibling, defended his title by doing 6,200 push-ups this year around. School custodian, Theresa Lum, set the pace for the ladies by completing 1,032.

“The 22-a-day push-up challenge looks to raise awareness of the mental health struggles of those who defend our country and are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to do so,” Mody told NEWS10 back in January. “The significance of this number is that, on average, 22 active soldiers or veterans take their lives every day, largely due to the stress and trauma that comes from their time serving in the military. This honors their willingness to bear the burden of service to protect the rights and freedoms that we enjoy every day.”