ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Finding any rhyme or reason to what a taxi cab charges you here in the Capital Region can be maddening.

An investigation by NEWS10 ABC found that some drivers and dispatchers are overcharging.

Complaints of questionable cab fares led us to discover with some companies are taking advantage of your wallet.

After showing Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan what NEWS10 ABC caught on camera, she was disappointed to see some cab drivers and their dispatchers aren’t complying with city code.

“Your investigation demonstrates this isn’t something that is happening once every 30 cab rides,” Mayor Sheehan said. “This is something that is happening more often than it should.”

Duffy’s Taxi, which is owned by Capitaland, charged us $13 for what should have cost $8.25.

“I think it can be really scary for people sometimes too.  You’re in a hurry, you need to get to where you are going, but people need to have that conviction of saying ‘this is what I believe I’m supposed to pay and if you think I’m not supposed to pay this then you can contact the police, but this is what I’m paying.’”

Many people aren’t aware that Albany Police enforce cab regulations in the city.

Acting Chief Robert Sears says complaints are underreported but he didn’t realize just how much.

He encourages consumers to call department’s traffic safety division if they are swindled out of cash. From there, consequences are enforced.

“It can be anywhere from having a cab driver pay the money back to the person or we can strip them of their hack license as well,” Sears said.

By 2018, CDTA expects to launch a common taxi ordinance in major communities regionalizing fares and expectations.

If this continues, the market for cabs may drop when ride-sharing arrives June 29th.

“We need our buses, we need our taxis, and I’ve advocated that we need ride-sharing. You look at it as an entire infrastructure and there is room for everyone but people have to play by the rules and meet the demands and meet the expectations of customers,” Mayor Sheehan said.

You can find the zone rates for each city on CDTA’s website. People can also file complaints with CDTA.

Police can revoke a taxi medallion if there is a chronic problem.