ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10)–New York, a typically blue state, will be sending more Republican representatives to Congress in the new year.

“The big red wave that people were expecting across the country, didn’t happen, except in New York. It did happen here,” said Grant Reeher, a political science professor at Syracuse University.

Some house seats previously held by Democrats have now gone Republican.

“We were able to flip two seats on Long Island. We were able to flip two seats in the Hudson Valley, so there’s four,” said New York State GOP Chairman and incoming Congressman, Nick Langworthy. “We are extremely proud of all of these races, again the largest delegation in at least 20 years from New York. 11 of 26 seats. We are dark blue state and we performed very well.”

Democratic Congressman Paul Tonko, who won his race, said he is disappointed Democrats came up short in a handful of New York Races. He stated, “ I remain frustrated that one person was given the power this summer to draw New York’s Congressional maps for the next 10 years —which made many races unwinnable for some progressive candidates.”

Reeher doesn’t believe redistricting played a big role. He explains why he thinks this happened.

“There has been a long standing concern about where New York is going as a state in terms of its taxes, in terms of its spending, in terms of its style of government. So I think those broader economic concerns kinda hit the longstanding New York concerns about those things.”

Reeher said the midterm elections are now putting New York State more at the center of the nationwide political conversation.

“The difference maker was New York in this instance. Those seats first of all are going to be targeted by Democrats to take back the next election, but they’re also going to be seen as very important by the Republicans.”