Some in Hoosick Falls won’t drink water despite clearance by DEC


HOOSICK FALLS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The NYS DEC said the municipal water in Hoosick Falls is safe to drink, but not everybody there is convinced.

Some residents are still waiting on their water testing results, and they said they won’t drink the water until then. And those with private wells are still waiting to hear if they can drink their water again.

“There’s a big push for the village to have independent testing as well,” Hoosick resident Amy Breese said.

Breese is still waiting to hear from the state if she can drink water from her private well again weeks after the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation installed a carbon filtration system. But Breese supports many people in the village of Hoosick Falls who are still getting bottled water and refusing to drink the municipal water.

“Send out some samples to labs and just make sure,” Breese said.

Christine Holzhauer, of Hoosick, is also waiting to hear if her water is safe to drink again. She said her carbon filtration system was installed over a month ago.

“It’s been a nightmare,” she said.

Holzhauer said the DEC has taken two water samples so far.

“One was to go to California – the first one,” she said. “This one they just recently took was to go to Albany. I cannot get no results from the very first on they took.”

Holzhauer said the state has been to her home eight times to take water samples, and she still can’t drink the water.

A DEC spokesperson released the following statement on Wednesday:

Before residents are advised to drink their water, the state not only performs PFOA testing of the water but, out of an abundance of caution, goes above and beyond to extensively test for 17 other contaminants. This additional testing provides residents with a complete picture of their private well and involves a complicated laboratory analysis that takes weeks to complete.

“It’s like we’re being left in limbo out here,” Holzhauer said.

To date, the DEC said 31 homeowners are cleared for us and up to 100 homeowners are slated for clearance by the end of the week. NEWS10 ABC asked the Hoosick Falls mayor about independent testing but did not receive a response.

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