SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The social media Me Too campaign is united women and men across the country.

It’s an effort to spread the word about sexual harassment in the workplace in the wake of the movie producer Harvey Weinstein scandal.

The hashtag MeToo is exploding on social media. NEWS10 ABC took to the streets of the Capital Region to see who wanted to share their stories.

“I’m going to say me too.”

“Me too”

“Me too”

“Me too yes. Hashtage me too.”

“Me too”

“Me too and it’s every woman.”

All it took was a sign for women to start telling their stories.

“I was molested by a close family member. I was groped and all of that.”

“You keep thinking and you go through everything and it just doesn’t stop.”

“We all think it’s this thing but it happens to everybody.”

One woman apologized to me for something others have done.

Many are happy that the short phrase is starting a big conversation.

“It actually has huge implications so it allows us to have a voice.”

“I think it’s really good for people to know that they’re not alone.”

“It’s super empowering for women to step out of their comfort zone and share everything they’ve been through.”

Many are hoping that the conversation will spark some change by standing together.

You can say “Me Too” by using the hashtag #MeToo.