Social Dilemma: Do you let your pet eat off your spoon or fork?


Today’s social dilemma came from Pamela, and it’s about our pets. Here’s the email:

Hey Jaime. Let me start my email by saying I love pets. I have a dog and a cat and I love them both. I feel like I need to say that before I get into my question or dilemma.

I was at a friend’s house for a backyard visit last weekend. We’ve been doing it since the pandemic, you know six feet apart outside visits. It’s a nice way to get together and still be safe. Well, after we were chatting for a while, my friend offered me an ice cream. You know one of the great Häagen-Dazs ice creams on a stick. So of course I said yes, and she got one too.

Well, as we were eating them, her dog came over and she gave him a lick of her ice cream and then took a lick herself It grossed me out I admit it. I would never let my pets eat something and then eat off the same fork or spoon or ice cream stick. My friend said it was no big deal. She said she kisses her dog so why not let him have some ice cream. Same thing. I don’t think so. It would never happen in my house. And I love my pets to death, but nope, not eating off the same utensils. So my question is, do you think that’s gross and disgusting, or do you think it’s just fine. Have you ever done it with any of your pets?

Thanks Jaime,


Well. I would be lying if I said I’ve never done it. Sammy and Jackson, my cats have enjoyed ice cream off a spoon, and I’ve even given Leo a piece of chicken or steak off my fork. So I guess I’m with Pamela’s friends. I don’t do it often, but sure I’ve done it. What about you? Would that gross you out if you saw me do it or would you be cool with it. Have you done it with your pets? Let’s help Pamela out. Let me know on the TRY Facebook page.


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