ALTAMONT, N.Y. (NEWS10) — With summer winding down and school starting for many students within the next few weeks, thousands decided to make a few more summer memories at the Altamont Fair’s closing weekend.

Pat Canady is a former Board Member and has been volunteering at the fair for 40 years. She said the fair helps to make memories.

“We introduce children to animals, poultry, entertainment, and agriculture,” she said. “So that gives us an opportunity to really share our passion for all of those things with all of the families in the community.”

In July, the fairgrounds welcomed a brand new Ferris Wheel that is over 100 feet high and took five tractor-trailers just to deliver.

“It was delivered from Italy; they put it up once at their facility,” Canady said. “ And it’s her debut at the Altamont Fair.”

Vina and Ralph Kennison decided to come back to the fair after six years, and they said they were very excited to create more memories at the fairgrounds.

“We go to a lot of the fairs that we can,” Ralph Kennison said. “It’s a lot of fun just to walk around.”

Thousands of people check out the fair each day, whether it’s walking around, going on rides, visiting the circus, or other amusements. But the fair has also been a family tradition for local farmers and their families…

A new generation will continue the tradition of showing sheep, goats, and other animals at the fair. Amanda Terhune is the superintendent of the Cattle Barn, and her family has been a part of the fair for generations. Now she has plans for her little one…

“I have a 2 ½-year-old that I’m hoping he’ll be showing them next year, maybe,” she said. “But I have nephews that show and lots of friends that I grew up with showing now with all of their children. So it’s like a fair family.”

The fair has been a summer staple for Albany County for over 200 years. And even though Sunday is the last day- organizers always need volunteers year-round, and applications can be found on their website.