CAPITAL REGION, N.Y. (News10) When school districts in the Capital Region cancelled classes for the day due to the heavy snowfall, it turned the snow day into a fun day for area families and kids.

News10’s Anya Tucker caught up with folks in Albany and Schenectady Counties who were working and playing in the snow. Anya met Kindergartner Hailey See, her little brother Emmett, and her parents and grandparents at the Winter Recreation Area in Guilderland.

For Hailey’s little brother Emmett, the snow’s allure seemed less about sledding and more about eating the white stuff. “He didn’t care about sledding. He didn’t care about a snowman. He just wanted to eat it,” said his grandmother JoAnn Fitzgerald. Mom, Meghan is a teacher, so she had the day off too. Well mostly. If you didn’t count the times, she dragged the sleds up the steep hill with her children inside. “I am definitely getting my exercise today,” she said a bit out of breath.

Many school districts closed due to the first significant snowfall of 2023 and News10 reporter Anya Tucker and photojournalist Ken Rader met plenty of folks clearing driveways and walkways. Area municipalities were also hard at work too. Larry Lamora is the Highway Superintendent for the Town of Rotterdam. He told Ken and Anya that during heavy snowfalls he has twelve plow trucks out on the town’s more than 200 miles of roadways. Each truck is manned with a 2-person crew for added safety, with one employee keeping an eye on traffic and pedestrians that might be obstructed from the driver’s view due to the large blades. One major concern are children who play on or in snowbanks where drivers can’t see them.

“Wet snow like this, just the truck alone would be pushing three or 4 tons, right off the blade. It’s not just so much the plow ramming it. It’s the weight of the snow coming off of the plow hitting the snowbank, and it could collapse inside and trap someone if there’s a small child in there,” he said. He suggests families and kids stay far away from areas used for dumping heavy loads snow as well as along roadways, if they wish to play in the snow or build a friendly snowman.