TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Bulldozers were plowing the streets of Troy Friday evening.

Downtown Troy looks like how it normally does on a typical Friday evening, just now with a lot of snow. Crews are still out plowing from Wednesday’s nor’easter.

“I’ve been driving around all day up in East Greenbush, Cohoes, Troy, and all the roads are really clear,” says Cohoes resident Penny Pasta. Penny says local municipalities are doing a great job with the clean up. “When you make the turns, on sides roads, you know, they’re pretty snowy still but there’s a lot of road coverage so,” says Penny.

The Collar City is approximately made up of 150 miles of alleyways and streets. While some residents believe the roads are safe, others can’t agree. “Clean Troy streets. Make all streets clean…” says Troy resident Harvey Gamble. He says there’s some small streets in the city that look like they haven’t been touched.

There are still sidewalks buried in snow, making it challenging for residents to walk to their local shops. “These side streets are dangerous, all these streets are dangerous. People can’t get by. I went to Price Chopper today, people double parking, it’s sad, it’s sad, people are going to get hurt,” says Troy resident Debra Pryor-Taylor. She says she’s been walking on the streets because either the sidewalks are either buried or very icy.

In a press release sent from Mayor Patrick Madden’s office on Thursday, he says “…Crews will be deployed around the clock to push back snow and restore safe driving conditions. Public cooperation is essential to the success of plowing and snow removal in our neighborhoods.” The release also states that public works and public utilities crews will conduct snow cleanup operations on 12-hour shifts.

The mayor advises residents to park their cars overnight in city-owned garages. It will help the snow plows remove the snow.