SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. (NEWS10)  — Resident life student workers at Skidmore College join the rising tide of those looking to unionize. Since starting their campaign in February, these student workers are now taking things to the next level. March 31st, Skidmore received an official union petition from the Service Employees International Union, but current and former student staff say they still can’t get a meeting with the school’s administration. Current and past  resident assistants share that they have seen their line of work become heavier as the semesters go by, with no improvements.

“Post-covid Skidmore looks completely different prior to covid hitting. That has transformed the workforce. We’re put through a very emotionally and physically laborious training process, as well as having no professional staff in the beginning of the year.” explained former RA, Von Richardson, speaking on the conditions they faced.

Current RA, Anna Brooks, describes her role as more dangerous than one may think. “There is violence that can happen to RA’s. Which is RA’s responsibility to police their residents, and that’s unacceptable,” described Brooks.

Members of the student body also share their views on the matter. “There’s never been an RA that hasn’t done their job well. They’ve all do their job well and I respect them for that,” stated student, Darrell Downey Jr. “I think its good they’re unionizing, just for the Skidmore campus to be aware of the issues coming around on campus. They do a lot,” said student, Juemoore Gordon.

Skidmore College reached out to the student body on the union effort with this section of a larger statement from Dean of Students and Vice President for Student Affairs, Adrian Bautista, : “RAs are some of our most active and visible student leaders. If our students wish to explore unionization, the College will respect their legal right to do so.”

The RAs will be holding a rally Friday, April 14th, from noon to 3p.m. at Case Green to show the student body’s support. They hope to comment during the free speech symposium being held by the college on the same day.