SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Skidmore College has suspended 46 students following a number of on and off campus incidents over the weekend. In a statement the college said the incidents included violations of Skidmore’s COVID-19 guidelines.

One incident involved a Halloween party that occurred on campus at The Spa, a meeting and eating hub for students.

“There were campus police officers there. So, it didn’t seem like we did anything too wrong,” said Brian Shea, a freshman student who briefly attended the party.

A student provided News10 ABC with a picture of the party showing nearly 50 students gathered without socially distancing practices in place.

Skidmore officials say Student Affairs in conjunction with Campus Safety are still investigating multiple accounts including additional reports of an incident between two students at the on campus party.

“We have urged all students to follow the guidelines they agreed to in order to bring the semester to a successful close,” Skidmore added in a statement to News10.

The 46 students on interim suspension will be subject to further discussion and inquiry before official suspension or other actions are taken by Skidmore College regarding their future.