SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. (NEWS10) -Coach Joe Burke and his family lost everything in a fire last Sunday. As he is back on the basketball court with the Skidmore Thoroughbreds, the college is helping out with donations from their opening game.

As head coach of the men’s basketball program, Joe Burke is as decorated as they come. Since 2010, he’s led the Thoroughbreds to multiple conference championships and NCAA appearances.

“The community knows his son, the community knows Joe. I mean, this team has won so many games, so many championships, and everything through his tenure here,” said Lexi Parker while working the game.

The Burke family’s home was located in the Northern Pines neighborhood of Wilton. The head coach still came out to lead his team for the first game of the season.

“The second anyone heard about what happened, they immediately were rallying behind him to see what they could do to help his family,” described Parker.

Parker says the college is accepting donations for the family along with their GoFundMe. The link can be found here. “Gift cards and money and anything else that people bring to help them have the essentials for whatever they need in this very, very hard time.”

With new and returning faces on the team, Parker says this is an opportunity also for the players to say thanks to their biggest supporter. “It really gives them an opportunity to show up not only for themselves to have a great season opener for this year, but also to show up for their coach.”