QUEENSBURY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – June may not seem like a normal month to be riding a ski lift, but the owners of West Mountain are hoping that it soon will be.

Starting this weekend, the mountain is opening for a range of summer activities at its summit, from rope climbing and zip lines to picnics and summer camps.

Those latter events were a big part of what kept the mountain in financially good shape last summer during the thick of COVID-19.

The mountain also features over 20 cross-country and downhill biking trails. Those are already well in use, and co-owner Spencer Montgomery is hoping to introduce motorized E-bikes in future years to help those who want to hit the trails with greater ease.

Last winter was a strong season for the mountain, with skiers and snowboarders happy to comply with coronavirus safety precautions, according to co-owner Sara Montgomery.

Last summer, one event that didn’t quite kick off was an attempt at a 4th of July concert at the base of the mountain. That plan isn’t in the cards for this year, as planning would have had to start too early for certainty, but the Montgomerys aren’t ruling it out for the future.

One other glimpse into the future is on West Mountain Road, the ski mountain’s home. The Montgomery family owns a stretch of property on that road next to the mountain itself, and is in talks with the town of Queensbury to begin developing in that area, turning that part of Queensbury into a proper resort town.