SCHUYLERVILLE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Hundreds of people gathered in silence at Fort Hardy Park Thursday night to remember Kaylin Gillis, whose life was taken too soon.

Deacon Helene Patterson is one of those speaking on the importance of coming together.

“To honor their memory, the good things that they left us with. The good memories that they have left us with. The good they’ve done in the community. Even someone so young. I think you’ve heard her classmates, how she’s fostered that love and community and support, and would do anything for anyone. And I think we have to carry that forward,” said Patterson.

People telling NEWS10 they remember the kind, mature, animal lover for her many good qualities. Girls from the Varsity cheer squad came out to show their support.

“She’s one heck of an artist,” said one of the girls.

“She was so funny, she always knew when to tell the best joke,” said another.

“Yeah, she never cared what anyone said about her either,” said one girl.

“She loved everyone. She was friends with anybody. It didn’t matter who you were, your background, where you came from, what she heard about you; know she loved you regardless,” said another member from the cheer team.

Last Saturday Kaylin and a few friends turned their car around in the wrong driveway. Police say the homeowner opened fire, and Gillis was shot and killed. Mayor Dan Carpenter says this tragedy hits close to home.

“You know as a father of two young daughters who just got their licenses, I can’t even imagine what this family is going through. I mean, making a wrong turn and losing your daughter, who would have thought that,” said Carpenter.

People in Schuylerville all share the same sentiment with NEWS10, this is a tragic loss.

Danielle Meyers has known Kaylin’s parents since they were all kids who grew up together. She did not want to go on camera but says, “It’s really impacted everybody. We are all here for the duration and willing to help in any way we can.”