ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10)—The most recent Siena Poll asked likely voters where they stand when it comes to November’s gubernatorial race. While Democrats overwhelmingly sided with Governor Kathy Hochul, and Republicans with Lee Zeldin, the Independent voters are closely split, leaning slightly towards Zeldin.

“In a state that has more than twice as many Democrats as they do Republicans, what that translates to is a 14 point lead for Hochul,” explained Siena Pollster, Steven Greenberg.

Greenberg also explained areas of the state where the candidates are leading.

“If we look at it geographically, Hochul is cleaning up where any Democrat has to clean up if they want to win statewide in New York and that’s New York City. Right now, she has a nearly 50 point lead in New York City, 70-21%. If we move outside of the city, Zeldin has a narrrow three point lead in the downstate suburbs and he has a narrow three point lead among upstate voters 48% Zeldin, 45% Hochul.”

While the new Siena Poll did not ask likely voters about the issues motivating their candidate choice, the poll did ask how they felt about the recent Supreme Court decision overturning Roe Vs. Wade. More than 2/3 of voters oppose that decision.

And when it comes to New York’s new gun legislation that includes restrictions on concealed carry—

“We know that New Yorkers overwhelmingly support that new law. 82-15%, so the vast majority of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents support that gun legislation which Hochul will be able to claim credit for.

When asked about recent poll numbers, Governor Hochul stated, “It’s always better to be up, but I take nothing for granted. I really do. That is the key to my success.”

When Congressman Lee Zeldin was asked a similar question, he said ” What we are seeing is over the course of the campaign, you meet more and more people and that number continues to go up.”