UPDATE: During the processing of the scene several gun shell cartridges were reportedly recovered. The caliber of the round and the number of rounds recovered will not be released at this time, police say.

Detectives continue to interview witnesses to the incident and are still working to develop information about the suspect.

SELKIRK, N.Y. (NEWS10) – On August 17 at around 8:53 p.m., the Bethlehem Police Department received a report of shots being fired at 162 Lyons Rd, Selkirk in Henry Hudson Park.

After investigation, it was determined that there was a memorial service going on at the park when shots were fired. When police arrived many of the people at the service fled but officers were able to determine that two people had been shot and transported to Albany Medical Center in personal vehicles.

Victims who were shot:

  • Traydon J. Lawrence, 20 of Troy: Injuries are non-life threatening
  • Rahmier S. Stevenson, 23 of Alban: Dead

The Bethlehem Police Department asks that anyone who may have information regarding this incident to call the Bethlehem Police Department at 518-439-9973.