Sheriff’s office warning of ‘defund the police’ phone scam

Unknown caller. A man holds a phone in his hand and thinks to end the call. Incoming from an unknown number. Incognito or anonymous

FULTONVILLE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A local sheriff’s office has warned that scammers may be calling from a number similar to theirs and asking for “donations to help their officers due to defunding of our police.” The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office says at least one person has reported a call from (716) 272-1102, and other numbers have possibly been used for the scam.

A similar scam involving a caller claiming to be from Bethlehem Police Department and asking for donations was also reported recently.

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office has stated it would never make such a call and reminded the public that they should not give money to people they do not know, never give out any personal information and always contact law enforcement with any questions.