CLIFTON PARK, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Shenendehowa Central School District kicking off their first day of classes Sept. 6.; Dr. Oliver Robinson, Superintendent for the district, said this year represents a renewed focus on how they can support their students.

“Yesterday we had a superintendent’s conference day and the term I spoke about was “US,” Robinson said. “Unequivocally supportive. Each person makes such a difference in the life of a child and that’s our responsibility, our obligation.”

That unequivocal student support is something the district hopes will make a difference as they focus on getting back to true normalcy and enhancing the student experience. 

“Obviously we have the academic side which is the learning in the classroom,” Ron Agostinoni, high school Principal, said. “But, just as important is what happens outside the classroom, making sure it’s a positive experience making sure they have good days, good weeks, and ultimately a great school year.”  

“When you think about schools they’re supposed to be sanctuaries,” Robinson said. “We are sanctuaries for learning. It doesn’t matter where a kid is coming from. When they’re here, it’s supposed to be a great experience and that’s what we want for all our students. We really focus on making sure those students are engaged, that we find something that’s of interest to them.” 

Above all, the educators want students to enjoy their time at Shen and make their experience one they’ll remember.

“Make sure they enjoyed it and they learned,” Agostinoni said. “That they’re ready for the next chapter, because ultimately, we’re invested in their success and we want them to reach their full potential.” 

“Each moment is special,” Robinson said. “Each moment is precious and, believe it or not, it goes by a lot faster than you anticipate.”