PATTERSONVILLE, N.Y. (WTEN) — When Nicole and Joseph Alesandrini were shopping for a home, they instantly knew that they needed to buy this farm in Pattersonville. Even though the land needed a lot of work, the couple instantly fell in love with the property and called it Serenity Silo Farm.

“I saw a diamond in a rough,” Joseph Alesandrini said. “It was just a large chunk of wood, but it looked like something that can be workable…to flip it and make it a home of our own.”

But what they didn’t expect was that as soon as they finished the renovations and got married on the farm… they would also be starting a business.

“It started off as a joke because I don’t like grocery shopping,” he said. “So I told the Mrs. I would buy or make a store so we can get our own groceries.”

They could get chickens, cows, and horses for the farm. But once they started to board horses for others in the community, horse owners would buy their meats and eggs as they were leaving. But then those same people would share the opportunity to buy with the rest of the community. Nicole Alesandrini said that Facebook was another big tool that they used to share when they had meat or eggs to sell.

“And word of mouth, word of mouth. It’s the best way to get the word around,” she said.

Just under two years after buying their farm, they became a local resource for the community. They have even offered to house animals for owners in need of it. In fact, there is a Vietnamese Pot-bellied pig that belongs to a nursing student who needed to find a place for her pet to stay while she worked on her degree. The farm also offers rabbits for pets. And because of what the farm offers, they have honored requests to have birthday parties and even weddings on the farm. Something that the couple never expected.

“I expected to have a small business and live quietly out in the country. But fortunately, it’s blown up to be not so quiet…,” he said. “All I can say is that everybody I meet has been nothing but great, honest, hardworking- good people have come by, and we’ve met nothing but great people here, and thank you for your support.”