QUEENSBURY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – This weekend’s weather is an indication that summer is on its way. A time when Glenville native and outdoor enthusiast Julie St. Louis thrives.

St. Louis came up with the idea of “Summit Beer Day” last year. A day where hikers say cheers with their favorite brew at any summit they’ve climbed. This year, St. Louis partnered with a North Country brewing company to honor the occasion.

“So I grew up hiking a little going outdoors with my mom and then as I got older, I kind of got away from it,” St. Louis explains, “then when COVID broke out, I started doing a bunch of Adirondack base hiking challenges. So every time we got to the summit we would cheers with a beer and so henceforth I decided to develop a day called ‘Summit Beer Day’.”

St. Louis teamed up with Northway Brewing Company in Queensbury to create ‘Summit’, a dry-hoped pilsner with cascade, triumph, and cashmere; all of which are names of different mountain peaks, says taproom manager Ryan Wood.

St. Louis, who goes by Summit Searcher on Instagram, says it all started out with a few post hike posts on social media which eventually took off in the hiking community. She says on Sunday, to celebrate Summit Beer Day, people have posted pictures with their beers at summits from as nearby as Lake George to as far away as Switzerland.