SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Carrie White, a second-grade teacher at Yates Elementary School, was named the Schenectady City School District 2022 Teacher of the Year. Superintendent Anibal Soler, Jr. surprised Mrs. White and her students with a visit and the announcement Monday morning.

“I am so overwhelmed and so humbled. I love Schenectady and I am so proud to have this honor,” said Mrs. White. White, who has been a teacher at Yates for the last 14 years, received support, accolades, and gratitude from parents, students, and colleagues. Nineteen letters were provided in support of White’s nomination for ‘teacher of the year’ honors, including letters from former students who are now attending college.

“Carrie is an exceptionally skilled and dedicated teacher. She carefully crafts each lesson to meet the needs of each individual student and challenges them to excel in every aspect of their lives,” said Yates Elementary School Principal Robert Flanders.

“If anything we have learned over the pandemic from the beginning, was the importance of teachers. I think as time went on, we forgot about that. Our teachers were first responders for our kids when they were transitioned home. I think today is just a validation of an effort of one of many teachers to be recognized teacher of the year,” said Schenectady Superintendent Anibal Soler, Jr.

As Schenectady City School District Teacher of the Year, White is eligible to enter the New York State Teacher of Year contest. Congrats Mrs. White!