BERNE, N.Y. (NEWS10) — A conservative civil rights organization and local legislators are taking different approaches to prioritize Second Amendment rights in the new year. Both groups point to a December 29 shootout at a church in Texas as evidence in favor of robust Second Amendment protections. is a right-leaning, libertarian-friendly civil rights group based in Western New York that is lobbying the Board of Regents to implement a school curriculum statewide to explicitly affirm gun rights. It suggests teaching pro-gun statistics in history classes to underscore the importance of arming citizens against the government. 

The group’s founder, Steve Felano, held a small press conference after meeting with the board Monday afternoon.’s ongoing efforts coincide with gun rights advocacy in Berne. At the town board’s January 8 meeting, board members set the intention to pass a Second Amendment Sanctuary resolution that could undermine state and federal firearm regulations. 

The resolution, which maintains that any gun control measure violates the Second Amendment, would prevent infringing on individual rights to bear arms or access ammunition or gun accessories in Berne. Prohibited acts would include assessing new fees or taxes, mandating price increases, or registering guns or gun owners. 

“Unarming our citizens like the Governor is trying is not the way to make it safer,” said Berne Board Supervisor Sean Lyons, noted by the Altamont Enterprise for possible social media connections to the militant Three-Percenters. “Gun control laws only hurt law-abiding citizens.” 

Although they now mean to pass a resolution rather than a law, all board members—save one abstention, the board’s lone Democrat—voted in favor of introducing a bill at an earlier meeting. 

Seventeen district attorneys in Western New York counties have said they will not enforce capacity limits connected to New York’s SAFE Act.