ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10)– The US Supreme Court is expected to make a decision soon that could possibly change New York’s law that requires people to explain why they need to carry a concealed weapon.
The New York State Riffle and Pistol Association sued the state claiming it violated the 2nd Amendment.

“On concealed carry– We are working with our legal team, our policy team, as well as advocates like Every Town, drawing on people who have been studying our options for quite sometime. Since this case was determined to be a case before the Supreme Court this year,” explained Governor Kathy Hochul.

Governor Hochul made it clear that she’s keeping the state’s possible response to the decision under wraps for the time being.

“I’m not going to say now what we are going to do, because I have to see what the rationale is for whatever decision they come down with. I need to see that first. I also have no intention of telegraphing a strategy to the Supreme Court that the State of New York may be considering because I believe that will be counter productive when the decision is ultimately issued.”

She said once the Supreme Court decision is announced, the state will make it’s response known within a matter of days.

“Is there is there executive action that can be taken? Is there a legislative solution? And I already talked to the leaders, about the possibility— in cooperation with them, bringing back the legislature in an extraordinary session, that’s what it’s called: an extraordinary session; to find if there is a legislative solution because this cannot be.”