SCOTIA, N.Y. (NEWS10) — A mom of two passed away in her North Carolina home silently in her sleep.  

Sarah Ingles became ill with COVID-19 symptoms in April. Family members said her passing came by surprise.  

“I talked to her the day it happened, and she was fine. Then when this happened, they said it was COVID-related complications,” her brother, Sean, said.

While looking to get Sarah home for a proper burial, the family faced a few airline hurdles.  

“Usually, they would just fly from Charlotte to Albany. But because of the flight schedules and the airport’s ability to handle this kind of situation, our only option was for the airport to fly from Charlotte to Atlanta then Atlanta to Hartford,” Sean said.  

Luckily, the White Funeral Home was able to help and drove to Connecticut for the family.   

“Not everybody wants and needs a communal mourning, but for those who need it and can’t have it right now it’s truly heartbreaking,” stated Maria Scott-Barbieri, Vice President/ Funeral Director.  

Since the NYS on PAUSE order does not allow large gatherings, the family plans to livestream the funeral on Zoom.   

For Sarah’s Memorial website, Click Here.