CLIFTON PARK, N.Y. (NEWS10)—- Tuesday night at the Shenendehoa School District, parents picked up at-home COVID tests for their children.

“It’s peace of mind,” said parent, Emily Simmons. “You never know. We have to do all the things that we can do to help keep each other safe.”

With the Omicron variant spreading rapidly across the country and the state, at-home antigen tests have been a hot commodity.

“They are hard to find and we are really appreciative of the school to make this happen,” stated John Thompson, a parent to a 9th grader.

8,000 COVID tests were allocated to the district by New York State in an effort to help keep kids in the classroom. Shenendehoa’s superintendent said this is a game changer, for the school as well as parents.

“As a parent myself— when your child is sick, you want to try to do anything and everything you can, explained Dr. Oliver Robinson. “And if you have a situation that you feel that you don’t have any power to even test to see what’s going on, it’s a game changer psychologically.”

The Niskayuna School District has also received their shipment of at-home COVID tests with plans to distribute them Wednesday and Thursday evening at the high school from 4:45-7:45pm.

Interim Superintendent, Juliette Pennyman, said if a student tests positive on one of these tests, the school will not require a PCR test to further confirm the result.

“We would accept it as a positive result, but there is also a protocol where the child has to take another test in the next 36 hours, but we are also telling students that if they have had COVID, within 90 days, they should not be taking a test at all.”

However parents are still encouraged to pick up an at-home test for their child and save it for a later date.