CORINTH, N.Y. (NEWS10) — As the summer winds down and kids get ready to go back to school, families are expected to spend around $890 per household, according to the National Retail Federation. Now, more school districts like Corinth Central School District want to provide some financial relief, ensuring every student at every grade level is ready for their first day.

At this back-to-school fair, Kerry Giumarra, Social Worker and President of Care said the donated new backpacks and supplies were just what the teacher ordered.

“They’re gonna have exactly the first-grade school supply list as their teacher requested,” Giumarra said. “And as a mom myself, you go to Staples to get the red folder, but they are out of green folders. So you have to go to Walmart for the green folder. And this allows people to do it all in one spot.”

Something many working parents like Laura Clothier can appreciate.

“It’s a wonderful opportunity to come together and get them ready for school, get supplies, and have them meet their teachers,” Clothier said. “You know, and have a community event and get these kids ready to go back to school.”

Along with free supplies, students were offered free haircuts from stylists and barbers like Austin Lattan, who volunteered their time.

“I just wanted to give some free haircuts on behalf of Vinny’s Barbershop and just give back a little bit,” he said.

He also loves seeing how each child feels about their new look.

“It’s great,” Lattan said. “It feels good. Seeing a smile on these kids.”

Jill Bobee, Assistant Superintendent, said the district is also providing other services.

“We can support our families for back-to-school because things are expensive,” Bobee said.

Like offering a free food pantry for students and their families and partnering with Saratoga Hospital to provide free medical exams.

“And it’s growing as we move forward with it,” Bobbee said. “So we keep getting more kids involved, more families consenting to it. Again, another service to help our working families.”

Something Laura Clothier says she is grateful to have.

“Local districts around the area had them, and Corinth hadn’t,” she said. “So having that opportunity to see a provider so you don’t have to take time for work for things like a cold, strep test, and it’s just going to be wonderful and what a benefit for our community.”