Put it away, lock it up and keep it off until you are done with class. That is what the Schoharie central school is trying to implement when it comes to having a cell phone at school.

Parents in Schoharie were able to voice their opinions on the new policy implementing a Yonder Bag where students will lock their phones up throughout the duration of their day

Schoharie Central Schools will implement Yonder Bag in September.  Students place their cell phone under lock and magnet all to maintain classroom order, reduce online bullying and eliminate such social media pranks as found on Tick Tock challenges.

Some of the parents in Schoharie disagree. 

“I don’t want to say that it shouldn’t be implemented but I don’t agree with the way they’re implementing it. I think it should be implemented as a reprimand as you know, you did this. So, now you lose your phone,” said one parent.

Another parent telling us, “This administration always takes the easy way out. My child is probably not coming back”.

Others agree with new policy

“I feel that it’s a good idea because the kids don’t need phones in the classroom. But, from start to end them not having access they should at least have access to lunch time or study hall”

The bag is easy to operate and will be provided by a $10,000 grant to the school district.  School officials can tell if the sealed and locked pouch have been tampered with and if a phone has been accessed. The replacement fee for damaged bags is $15 to the student and parent.

When entering school students turn off their phones, place them inside their pouch and secure it in front of school staff. At the end of the day students will be able to unlock their pouch at one of eight stations.

And, with any policy there will always be disciplinary actions if the policy is not followed.

First time offenders will have their phones immediately given to an adult and have their phone confiscated until the end of the day.  A second offense will add detention. And a third offense will advance to suspension. All offenses will make it so that student violators may not attend any extracurricular activities sports or events for that day.

Medical exemptions were discussed at tonight’s meeting but there was no for sure answer on how the implementation will take effect.

Phone or no phone Schoharie schools will have you locking it up for the day.