WASHINGTON (NEWS10) — Lawmakers in Washington continue to press the Federal Bureau of Investigation for information about the agency’s possible role in the 2018 Schoharie limousine crash.

Republican Congresswoman Elise Stefanik sent another letter to FBI Dir. Christopher Wray this week. The congresswoman has pledged to subpoena top FBI officials if they fail to complete an internal review of the bureau’s potential involvement in and response to the crash.

Shahed Hussain was the owner of the limo company involved. He was a longtime FBI informant. Legislators are looking into whether Hussain’s role with the FBI impacted the charges against Hussain’s family after the crash.

His son, Nauman Hussain, operated the company and previously admitted to 20 counts of criminally negligent homicide as part of a plea deal that allowed him to avoid prison time. A judge threw out the plea deal earlier this year.

The case will now go to trial, which is tentatively scheduled to start in May.