SCHOHARIE, N.Y. (NEWS10) — News10 got a closer look at what both the prosecution and defense are looking for in jurors for the criminal trial of Nauman Hussain, with a majority of the questions centering on whether or not they could be fair in this case. 

The prosecution listed different witnesses to potential jurors and asked questions that all centered around whether or not those jurors would have bias against any of those witnesses. The prosecution said they intend to call a few different groups of witnesses to the stand in this trial. 

Auto mechanics, employees with the New York State Department of Transportation, law enforcement; primarily state troopers and an expert witness on limousine breaks are all on standby.

The prosecutor mentioned that the expert witness was paid to examine the wreck, conduct measurements, tests and provide a conclusion on the wreck. 

Some of the other questions asked by the prosecution include: if any potential jurors have a deeply held moral or religious belief that could prevent a fair verdict, if they were willing to judge evidence in this case, if they understood the concept of rules, laws and regulations and the definition of proving something beyond a reasonable doubt.

Hussain’s defense attorney, Lee Kindlon, also questioned this group, asking them if they would be able to put sympathy aside and judge fairly, if they can rely on a professional’s word and their work and if they’re willing to take on the responsibility of this case.

“It’s what we’re supposed to do,” one potential juror responded. Another said it’s their responsibility to make sure someone has a fair chance at life.

Kindlon also questioned each person’s news consumption, whether or not they’ve kept tabs on the case over time through local news and if they would be willing to put what they’ve seen aside to judge solely on evidence and testimony.