SCHODACK, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Pad locks and trespassing charges won’t keep him out.

The man who was evicted from his dangerous collapsed Schodack home keeps sneaking back in.

The stern warning on the door and a pad lock won’t keep Ronnie Haber out. It’s owned by the county, but he just keeps coming back.

The roof has collapsed, the sides buckled, holes in the roof. Yet someone longs to call this place home.

Ronald “Ronnie” Haber was first removed by police after a 2011 arrest when dead dogs were found on his property.

Once again, the place was taken over by Rensselaer County due to unpaid taxes.

At the time, neighbors like George Eager were thrilled.

Eager says Haber had made life hell for folks on Bunker Hill Road.

“The garbage at one time he had almost 30 cars on this property. He threw tires into our pond because the chickens kept coming across the roads and we wanted the town to stop it,” Haber said.

“It was pad locked the last time. Anya: “But he managed to get in and he keeps getting in,” said Chief Joseph Belardo, Schodack Police. “Yes. As it gets closer and closer to collapsing and if someone is in there when it collapses then we have a bigger problem.”

“We have given him help with housing when we removed him last month,” said Rich Crist.

But, the Rensselaer County Director of Operations, Rich Crist said Haber has refused any help.

When deputies evicted him again on Friday, he was charged with trespassing.

His living situation may have also harmed his health, as the 66 year old is said to now be in the hospital.

Crist said they’re in the process of selling the property.

“We are working with the new property owner to take it down. But, he doesn’t have any ability to enter the home,” Crist said.

His neighbor George Eager said, “Hopefully, they get him some help and that’s what the Sheriff’s Department wanted, to get him help.”

The property is owned by the county and therefore, squatter’s rights do not apply. Additionally, the home is not structurally sound. Health and safety issues trump squatter’s rights.