SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Schenectady Police are bringing new technology into the field. 

Police Chief Eric Clifford said the new software, called Patrolfinder, is part of a years-long effort to increase transparency and safety on the job while attempting to reduce crime. 

Clifford said officers are seeing increased calls and continued issues with crime and community safety creating challenges for officers who are on patrol. 

“Even during year after year reductions in crime our residents sense of feeling safe was affected by those smaller crimes, ones that we didn’t have time to get to,” Clifford said.

Patrolfinder, from Schenectady-based company Transfinder, will let officers see which streets were patrolled on previous shifts and highlight areas that might need more attention.

The app will eventually allow residents to file non-emergency reports and see certain data. 

“We are going to make sure we are using information that we collect on a daily basis to solve problems so we can spend the majority of the day patrolling areas, reducing crime, basically stopping crime before it happens,” Clifford said.

The highlighted areas on the digital map can also be adjusted based on the crime rate and current activity.

“The app notifies them to keep a closer eye on the location and be extra vigilant as they reach these attention points,” Antonio Civitella, CEO of Transfinder, said.

Patrolfinder will be installed in Schenectady Police cars beginning this week and over the next few months.