SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Police in Schenectady say a domestic violence incident has left one woman dead. Her boyfriend is now facing murder charges.

Schenectady Police confirmed to NEWS10 that they are investigating a homicide that happened on 964 State Street Thursday.

Police received multiple calls from a man on Chrisler Avenue near Rotterdam.

“So our units went over there and he started to make admissions that he had killed his girlfriend,” said Schenectady Police Sergeant Patrick Irwin.  

They then arrived at the scene and attempted to call the girlfriends number but got no answer; given the circumstances, officers forced entry.

When police arrived at the scene, they found 40-year-old woman January Butcher, dead in a second-floor apartment. Police say there were clear signs of a struggle. 

The cause of death is pending an autopsy; the incident remains under investigation.

“Not that any time of year is good but it’s Christmas time and this is tragic,” said Irwin. 

Her boyfriend 50-year-old Malcolm Gadsen was arrested for murder in the second degree and was arraigned at Schenectady Court Friday. morning. 

“Something happens and the abuser murders and it’s extremely sad to hear those stories especially Christmas Eve,” said Martha Lasher-Warner.

Martha Lasher-Warner is a crisis counselor at the Unity House in Troy. She understands the struggle of what domestic violence victims have when it comes to escaping their abuser.

After her daughter Liza was murdered by her husband in 2004, she has dedicated her life to helping women in need.

“We just need to know that you’re a victim of domestic violence and that if you are in need of shelter, we will take you as long as we have space.”

Martha says between the holidays there is an escalation of domestic violence cases.

And if you are one of those people in a bad situation, she urges you to call the Unity House at 518-272-2370.