SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Woodlawn is known as a quiet neighborhood, but people have noticed increased crime in recent months. Now they want police to get involved, especially around kings road.

In the last month, there were 16 robberies and a home break-in where police say two people in the home were armed and ended up shooting and injuring one of the intruders.

“Again, I’m not bashing the police. But we want help on Kings Road,” one resident said.

There is also an issue on the road with the current speed limit.

“We’re now asking for stop signs on Kings Road. Because [a person’s] son and granddaughter almost got struck just getting out of their car. Kings Road is a nightmare now.”

Adam Nowicki is a Traffic Commande for Schenectady Police, and he says that adding stop signs or speed cameras is not a quick fix, but they’re working on it.

“We recognize Kings Road is a hotbed as far as speeding is concerned. We are doing what we can in enforcing it,” he said.

Mayor Gary McCarthy says there are plans to install cameras city-wide, but it will still take about 18 months to get them on kings road.

“We’re building that out for engineering considerations, so generally from downtown working out,” he said. “We laid fiber optic cables and are now putting the sensors out.”

While neighbors wait for those changes, police are reminding people to call the department to report suspicious activity.