SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) -Kings Road has been a topic of concern for local residents. They say for years, traffic on the street has been much faster than the speed limit. 

“The city speed limit is 30 miles per hour. But again, they’re doing 40, 50, 60 miles per hour, sometime even more,” said local resident, Tracey Collins.

Collins says Kings Road is home to people of all ages who should not be around high speeds. “The seniors that are on this road, the children that are on this road. Our biggest fear is fatality on this road, and we don’t wanna see that,” explained Collins.

Collins says adding more stop signs to the area is an extra step of accountability for drivers. “I know stop signs don’t stop speeding, but its going to slow them down to the point where they have to come to a complete stop,” described Collins.

The Schenectady Police Department has put a radar sign trailer in place to make drivers more aware of their speeds. Residents are hoping to have the police department enforce the speed limits with tickets. “Hiding out and getting some speeders, I think that would be great,” stated resident, Mia Coppolo.

Lt. Ryan Macherone, of Neighborhood Engagement, says Kings Road will have the support of police to further curb speeding, holding drivers to the posted limit. “We do have more law enforcement officers that are focusing, radar enforcement, traffic enforcement and help reduce speed in that area,” explained Macherone.