SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10)- NEWS10 has received complaints of ice on sidewalks in Schenectady making walking treacherous for residents. Schenectady laws make it the responsibility of homeowners to remove snow, sleet, or ice from sidewalks, according to ECode360.

Homeowners or businesses have 24 hours after winter weather events to make sure sidewalks are passable and don’t present a danger to people walking on them. One local resident who wished to remain anonymous said she was dismayed watching a man struggle the past few days on Guilderland Avenue.

“This angers me so much because every morning I see a blind man, completely alone, walking these sidewalks with nothing but a walking stick trying to get to the bus stop,” she said.

Another resident said it was the same on Elm and Becker Streets where children must walk in the road to get to the bus stop. The resident sent NEWS10 a picture and said they are concerned for children’s safety.

“Kids have to walk in the middle of the road to get their school bus because the sidewalks are very icy and covered with ice which makes it very dangerous for kids to walk on it,” they said. “It will be great if something can get done about this for the safety of our kids.”

NEWS10 reached out to city officials and is waiting for comment.