SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10)– Housing, parks, recreation, and revitalization plans are top of mind for Schenectady Mayor Gary McCarthy in 2023. During his state of the city address tonight, McCarthy said he’s proud the city was able to build eleven hundred affordable housing units…adding he plans to continue building as the city’s population continues to increase. 

“Just in the last few years, we’ve reduced the amount of vacancy properties by more than 50%,” he said.

That is partly why the mayor would also like to invest in greener solutions to help drive down costs. The city will also focus on housing for vulnerable populations. The Cara Housing will focus on helping the homeless and providing care for those diagnosed with mental illness. 

When it comes to crime, the mayor says that the city has already added more police officers and hired more to attend the police academy. His hope is that this will address the increase in violence the city experienced within the last two years. 

Mayor McCarthy also praised community events such as the 518 Community Cup, which have been vital in bringing people together.

“This is an exciting event designed to promote the youth and to conserve and strengthen the bonds of our community,” he said. “I thank all of the dedicated community partners who made that possible.”