GLENVILLE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Crews have worked throughout this week to begin boarding up broken windows and doors at an abandoned school building in Glenville. The site, which has been vacant for several years now, has been the source of trespassing and other issues recently.

“Unfortunately, they’ve been unable to go through with the plans they had for it and it’s been vacant for a couple of years now. We’ve seen it deteriorate and some impacts from vandals and youths,” said Glenville Town Supervisor Chris Koetzle.

Broken glass and other debris is scattered along the outside of the building. Its exterior walls are lined with yellow no trespassing signs that have done little to deter unwanted guests. Earlier this week, people inside tried to start a fire.

“They collected all the paper they could find that was left behind and they tried to set a fire in one of the hallways,” the supervisor explained.

As trespassing persists, Mekeel Christian Academy, which owns the property, has begun work to secure it. Crews have been bolting plywood over various access points into the building in an effort to keep people out.

“Probably by next week, middle of next week, it will be completely boarded up,” said Koetzle.

Some of the explicit graffiti that’s become an infamous part of the structure has now been painted over, but what’s next for the site is unclear.

“There is a purchase order signed right now with the business owner with the developer. They’re in the process now to try to come up with a plan that supports the economics of a development there,” Koetzle said.

But there are tremendous costs associated with any sort of project there, including demolition of the building, asbestos removal, finding a new access point and other miscellaneous investments.

“The costs are starting to build and the economics are pretty tenuous on this. It’s difficult to find a developer that’s interested in doing a project there,” the town supervisor said.

Koetzle said the developer has expressed interest in potentially building apartments in the area, an idea that’s opposed by some neighbors who don’t want that kind of density in the neighborhood.

He said it could be some time before any drastic changes are made at the site.

The building was initially a part of the Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake School District before being sold to Mekeel Christian Academy. Koetzle says Mekeel has been working to try and sell the property to interested developers.